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  • G3D Pre-assembled HotEnd v1.2
  • G3D Pre-assembled HotEnd v1.2
  • G3D Pre-assembled HotEnd v1.2

G3D Pre-assembled HotEnd v1.2

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Based on the Budaschnozzle 1.1 project this is the best Hotend construction on the 3D printers market!


Although, to improve it even more we decided to make some modifications. Therefore, thewooden parts were replaced with more enduring, specialistic acrylic parts.


The Hotend device dissipates the excess heat perfectly and simultaneously it prevents the material from overheating and the extruder from being damaged. Moreover, its construction allows the user to route the wires without the danger of damaging them when sub-assembly is working. In addition, the heater structure was rebuilt introducing a new high quality ceramic heater.



- Aluminum Block Resistor Hotend
- Easily assembled and torn down without glue or ceramic
- Wire Strain Relief
- Includes machined aluminum and steel parts, and laser cut special arcylic parts
- Compatible with Wade's and Greg's accessible extruder and almost every available extruder/carriage
- Size at longest parts: (H,W,L) 57mm, 40mm, 40mm / 2,24inch, 1,57inch, 1,57inch
- Aluminum heater block
- Machined aluminum heat block: 18.4mm x 25mm x 8.3mm / 0,72inch, 0,98inch, 0,33inch
- M10 x 1.0 internal thread
- Machined aluminum nozzle, M10 x 1.0 internal thread, 0.4mm/0,0157inch and 0,5mm/0,0196inch (both are included) orifice
- Thermistor temperature reading: EPCOS 100k
- Ceramic heating element: 40W/12V (Diameter: 6mm (0,24inch), Tube Lenght: 25mm (0.98inch)
- Aluminum heatsink
- Black PEEK insulator
- 2 inner sleeve: 1.75 and 3mm
- Laser cut special acrylic plates
- For use with 3mm filament. 1.75mm filament can be used by changeing the inner tube (Included only 3mm tube)
- Machined stainless steel back-up plate
Kit includes:
- Heater Block
- Nozzle (0,4mm/0,0157inch and 0,5mm/0,0196inch)
- Black Peek Isolator
- Aluminum extension
- Upper Plate
- Lower Plate
- Backup Plate
- Aluminium Heatsink
- Budaschnozzle Mount
- Ceramic Heater (40W/12-24V) with 1meter length cable
- EPCOS 100k thermistor with 1meter length cable (40')
- Fan Cooler (for cooling upper part of hotend for PLA printing) - 10cm of white plumbing tape (for secure threading in case if you want to printing using PLA which is more liquify) - screws, washers, spacers set
*On the picture with parts is not visible Ceramic Heater and EPCOS 100k thermistor.
**Due of black aluminium properties some parts can slowly change color to gold, after exposed to high temperature.
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